Curriculum Vitae

Saul Robertson                            

1978                             Born

1996-2000                    BA Honours (Drawing and Painting)
                                     Duncan of Jordanstone Colletge of Art, Dundee

Awards and Residencies

2019                             The City of Ingolstadt Residency, Ingolstadt, Germany
2013                             First Prize, The Maclaurin Open, The Maclaurin
                                     Art Gallery
2012                             The Bet Low Trust Award
2012                             The James Torrance Memorial Award, Royal Glasgow Institute
2011                             The Armour Award, Royal Glasgow Institute
2011                             The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, Canada
2011                             AB Prize, The Paisley Art Institute
2010                             James BS Curr Memorial Prize, The Paisley Art Institute
2007                             Shortlisted for the Insight Investment Newcomers Prize
                                      The Royal Academy of Art, London
2006                             The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, Canada
2005                             The City of Glasgow Prize, Royal Glasgow
2005                             Prize winner, The BP portrait Award, National Portrait
                                     Gallery, London
2004                             The David Cargill Senior Award, Royal Glasgow
2003                             The David Cargill Award, Royal Glasgow
2001                             Young Artist of the Year, The Hunting Art Prizes,
                                     The Royal College of Art, London
2000                             The Ninewells MRI Imaging Purchase Prize
2000                             Nominated for the Scottish International Education
                                     Trust Award

Solo Exhibitions

2018                            'The Other River', Ralph Cowan Gallery,
                                    City of Glasgow College Art Foundation, Glasgow   

2015                            "Living in Time", Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline

2015                            "Pathways and Houses", Rozelle House, The Maclaurin
                                    Art Gallery

2014                            "From Here to Here", The Lamb Gallery, The University of

2010                             "Eyots - Some Paintings and Drawings from the
                                      Last Ten Years", The Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie

2009                             "What we Found on the River Bed", The Temple Gallery,

2008                             "Soliloquy", Thompson's Gallery, London

2006                             "Paintings from a Small Room", Roger Billcliffe Fine
                                      Art Glasgow

2005                             "Day and Night", Thompson's Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018                            The Lillie Art Gallery
2018                            40:40 Vision, Forty Years of Wasps,
                                    Kirkcudbright Galleries
2018                            The North Sea, Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline
2017                            Citizen Spire, Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline
2016                            The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2016                            Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow
2015                            Leiper Fine Art Glasgow
2014                            Festival Exhibition-Works on paper, Doubtfire
                                    Gallery, Edinburgh
2014                            Byard Art, Cambridge
2012                            Stafford Gallery, London
2012                             50 at the Lillie-Paintings from the Permanent 
                                     Collection, The Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie
2010                             Portal Painters, London
2010-Present                Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, Edinburgh
2009                             Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh
2008/2009                   Red Rag Gallery, Gloucestershire
2008                            Oakham Contemporary, London
2008                            Catmose Gallery, Vale of Catmose College, Rutland,
2007-2013                   The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
2007                             Two Person Exhibition, CFAG, Eton
2006                             Divided Selves-The Scottish Self Portrait from the
                                     17th Century to the Present, The Talbot Rice
                                     Gallery, Edinburgh (Touring to the Fleming
                                     Collection, London)
2005/2006                   The BP Portrait Award, The National Portrait Gallery,
                                     London(Touring to Sunderland Museum and Scottish
                                     National Portrait Gallery)
2004-Present               Roger Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
2004                            Three Person Exhibition, Leith Gallery, Edinburgh
2002                            Three Person Exhibition, Thompson's Gallery, London
2002                            Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall
2001/2002                   The Hunting Art Prizes, The Royal College of Art,
2001                             Fresh Paint 2, Maclean Fine Art, London
2001                             In House, Mall Galleries, London
2000-2011                   Eighth Scottish Drawing Competition,
                                     Paisley Art Gallery, Paisley
2000                             New Generation, Compass Gallery, Glasgow              
2000                             Royal Scottish Academy Students Exhibition,
                                      Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

                                      Art Review Magazine
                                      Citizen Spire Project
                                      City of Glasgow College   
                                      University of Dundee Museum Collections
                                      Glasgow Museums
                                      Lillie Art Gallery
                                      Tayside NHS
                                      Walter Scott Investment, Edinburgh

Professional Experience

2012                             Visiting lecturer at Duncan of Jordanstone 
                                      College of Art

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